Frequently Asked Questions

When should I place my order?

You are able to place an order anytime on our site, however the preferred time to place an order is Monday-Wednesday. During this time guarantees meal delivery for the following Sunday. If you place an order on Thursday or Friday, meals will not be delivered until the Sunday of next week. If you ever experience difficulty when placing an order or have any questions, please contact via email (order@moeprep.co). 

What time should I expect my meal delivery on Sunday?

Meals are delivered between 4pm-9pm every Sunday. You will receive a text message the Saturday before your Sunday delivery to reserve an exact delivery time. If you are unable to receive meals on a Sunday or would like to request a different delivery time, please contact MoePrep 48hrs in advance with your order number and day and/or time of interest for delivery.

What if I have an allergen or a specific diet need?

MoePrep meals are made exactly for you. Please include your Full name, order number and your specific diet needs to our provided email (order@moeprep.co). 

Can I put my meals in the freezer?

Yes, our containers are freezer safe, however, we recommended no more than 2 days of freezer life. Keep meals refrigerated if you are not storing in freezer no longer than 3 days for Salad and Seafood and no longer than 5 days for cooked meat and vegetables. 

How long should I heat a meal in the microwave?

We recommend heating a meal for at least 2 minutes and 3 minutes for heavier foods like pasta. If meal is frozen prior to heating, defrost the meal completely before heating in microwave. 


If you have any other questions, please direct all concerns

to our email, order@moeprep.co .

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.




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