Meet the Chef!

Welcome to MoePrep's Official Site!

Morgan Allen, Founder/Owner of MoePrep.

Hello! I am a full-time student, entrepreneur, aspiring restauranteur and a crazy chef that likes to cook! 

MoePrep, is a meal-prep company that revolutionizes the meal prep game by providing Gourmet Food-meal prep style. Through our core values of flavor and healthy eating, we believe the best meal is a meal at home and what's better than being able take your home-made meal wherever you go? 

I started, MoePrep, in hopes that people would fall in love with meal prepping and its benefits. As most of us can testify, a busy lifestyle is no joke and sometimes our health pays for the consequences. I learned this lesson the hard way as my workload increased and my nutritional values decreased. Your overall well-being deserves to live its best life and by consistently feeding your body nutritious meals, you'd be surprised on how much energy you gain from taking care of yourself. Through those reasons alone, I decided to start my own meal prep company to help others who also have hectic lifestyles and for those who want to make permanent changes to their lifestyle. 

With that being said, I hope you have gained motivation to start or continue your path towards a healthy lifestyle. Its tough to stay consistent, but the end result is so worth it! 

My team and I hope you find the perfect meal combos that fit your lifestyle and if you have specific food suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us! 

As always, whether a new or returning customer, we value your business and support! 

Happy Eating!





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